Drum Books

Drumming notebooks and logbooks, and a book of absurd drum music!

The text below is an absurd description of what’s in this book. There are short measures of drumming music, probably best described as medium to advanced. As short as two or three measures up to ten, each drum lick or drum solo is modern marching or rudimental in nature. Fun to play, useful for practicing sightreading for beginning players, and great practice for timing. Available in paperback or e-book from Amazon.

Some will say that Hot Nuggs! is the book of the year or the century, but the audience has spoken – it’s the drum book of the moment! So, put down your phone and quit Googling yourself. This is your moment to experience the otherworldly power of Hot Nuggs! Music for snare drummers in every style drumline. Hot Nuggs! contains 101 snare drum breaks, solos, and featurettes for your learning pleasure and presents a diverse group of notes to play. For the modern marching percussionist, the drumline, the drummer in drum corps, this book contains a wide range of difficulty levels to challenge a wide range of rudimental and marching percussion musicians. The entirety of this book and all the supersonic notes contained within it were written while the author was in cryosleep. Upon exiting slipspace, and a quick journey to an ancient relic, the notes you have seen in this text were written hastily, in a flurry of emotional creativity, using a bread loaf and a horseshoe. The author is a three-time intergalactic snare drumming champion. Having participated the maximum number of times permitted under the rudimental treaty 2001. Sounds created during these historic championship events have yet to be completely heard and understood by the unaided human ear. Every attempt was made, through these texts, to convey some portion of the depth within the technical prowess of the author.


Notebooks to help track your progress, set goals, and improve your drumming ability!

Blank-lined drum-themed notebooks for notetaking, making lists, or keeping track of ideas!