Drum Cadence

Jig 2 Sucks

There. I said it out loud for everyone to hear (or see). I don’t really think it sucks. It’s not terrible. I think it’s just overplayed. It’s like the song you can’t get away from. A song in videos for TikTok, Instagram, ads, and maybe even on the radio or the one your friend is playing for you all the time. Everybody knows at least one song like that. I think that’s why I’m over it. And then there’s the quality. Some people post videos of their drumline playing and they’re doing pretty well at it. Other videos…..

So, I have remixed, edited, cut, pasted, performed an exorcism, and provided new life (from my point of view) to the original Jig 2. I added 11 herbs and spices to the original and created Jig 222 (two, twenty-two). The same but different. I chose a little groovier part for the snares instead of some of the neverending 16th notes for the snares and some other changes. Added more tonal parts to the basses. While the original is repetitive I tried to change the texture of those sections.

I hope you enjoy it. Here’s a PDF of the full score and individual parts for all four sections.