Drum Shirts

Fun drum and drumline shirts for yourself or a gift for a drummer in your life! All shirts are available in several different colors and styles including long sleeves and sweatshirts. Get a drum shirt in your favorite color or a drumline shirt in your school colors!

Life is Too Short to Play Bad Rolls

You might live to drum, but the drumming has to be high-quality! Life is Too Short to Play Bad Rolls is a guiding principle for every drummer. Wear it to motivate your drumline or percussion section, or wear it to motivate the drummer in your band to get their roll and diddle quality in better shape! Available in a variety of colors as long- or short-sleeve.

I’m the Tempo Now

You might not be the ship’s captain now but as a drummer or member of the drumline you ARE the tempo now! Make a bold statement with this clenched fist holding drum sticks. Even if they don’t look at you they’ll hear you in the back of the band or on the field with the drumline! Available in several colors and styles.

The Drumline Shirt

Drumline text across the chest with an overhead (or side view) of a drum with a pair of drum sticks. Available in several colors and styles. Choose an item for more information.

Smooth Cat Drum Cat

A classy cat playing the drums. You could say this is the smallest drum kit but it’s just a snare and hi-hat, but this cat has a pair of brushes and is focused like a laser. If you have a cat, and if you don’t have a cat, you need a shirt with a cat playing the drums.

It’s still a drumline shirt

Yes, the shirt says drumline. Yes, there’s a person playing the saxophone on it. Hopefully, your brain’s laughter center was overwhelmed seeing the shirt and reading the description. It’s funny because it’s not a drum.

St. Patrick’s Day

Start your own drumming team or join one that’s already ready already! This doesn’t have to make sense and I’m not sure what a drumming team really is, but it’s for St. Patrick’s Day. Available in green and many other colors for your holiday festivities.

World Famous School

Is it a banjo school? Is it a drum school? Is it a ridiculous drum shirt? YES! None of this exists, the only thing that’s real is the drumline’s sense of humor. If you don’t understand it you probably never will. One thing is for certain, there’s a marching bass in the center of this shirt and it comes in several colors and styles.

It’s My Tempo!

Sometimes the drummer and the drumline are rock solid, keeping time for the entire band and they can be the most consistent metronome you’ve ever seen! For those people, this shirt is a reminder to everyone else that their ears should be tuned to the drummer, the drumline, or the percussion section in order to play together and have a consistent sound. Other times you might need to remind the drummer that they need to practice with a metronome. Sometimes the drummer needs to know that the tempo isn’t optional. Sometimes the drumline needs to know that they need to play together and in time. A fun shirt no matter which way you read it.