Drumline Exercises

Double Triple Beat Drumline Exercise

Full score for Double Triple Beat (long). This exercise can do many things. This will work on the timing and rhythmic accuracy of each player and again with each section’s interplay with the other two. Groups of two or three notes should be played at the same height with the same velocity and intensity. Resist the tendency to allow the second or third notes to degrade or decay. Stickings are written for snare and quads. Unison bass drum parts are notated but the split parts, among the top three bass drums, could be played with alternating sticking or the same as the snare part. Bass drum splits are among the top three drums only so this could be played with any number of basses as long as you have three.

Make the metronome your friend and don’t allow the triplets to slow you down. Yes — you play three accented triplets with one hand.

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