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Paradiddle Patience

Paradiddles got you feelin’ down? Are your diddles in the dumps? Have no fear! All you need is a little drumming patience to master this skill and put in a little consistent practice time. Here is a straightforward exercise full of paradiddles and a couple of paradiddle-diddles. The video score has parts for the full drumline, but no matter what instrument you’re on you should master the snare part. The snare part will allow the quads to play the rhythm easily before moving around the drums. The snare part will allow the basses to master a universal skill before playing crazy rhythms around the drums. And cymbal players should learn the snare part to maintain rudimental proficiency.

The score will play through each tempo twice, increasing the speed by 10 beats every time through. You should not progress to the next tempo if you were not comfortable and accurate at the first tempo (or the one before). With daily practice, you’ll be able to slowly increase your tempo and control.

Sheet Music – Paradiddle Patience