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The Secret to Faster Singles

Here’s the secret formula to playing faster singles. This doesn’t matter if you’re in a bass line and trying to play your threes and fours clearer, cleaner, and faster, or if you’re a snare drummer or a drum set person. The goal is the same and there’s one way to get them faster… PLAY THEM MORE OFTEN! That’s it! It doesn’t matter if you hate pushups, walking, multiplication, or singles – do that thing more often. Do in all the varieties and speeds. For everything in life or drumming just stop ignoring it, do it, don’t ignore it. Now it’s fixed! Good job!

This is a simple exercise but there are parts for snare, quads, bass, and cymbals. All players should first master the snare part before moving on to the quad or bass split. Sheet Music PDF with complete drumline score and parts