Drumline Exercises

Working on Seven Stroke Rolls

A little exercise that keeps the same sticking and rhythm in order to build confidence in timing and control. Specifically, this is for the seven-stroke rolls that serve as a pickup to a rudimental drum solo or the typical seven-stroke rolls that are scattered through rudimental snare drum solos. The exercise audio starts simple but the other drums (quads, and bass drums) will evolve. This happens so that there’s more a beginning drummer needs to listen to, or ignore, in order to fit their part with the ensemble but serve as a test. The test being – don’t get pulled into the other section’s music or pulled out of time, stay focused!

The sheet music is only the snare or percussion part here. You’ll hear a complete drumline but that’s to work on the goals of the exercise. Anyone on any drum with any grip style would benefit from this, don’t shy away if you play bass drum and you see the PDF says snare or percussion on it.

Sheet Music PDF – 7’s Across a Barline – 7 Stroke Roll Exercise