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Valentine’s Day Drumline | I Will Always Love You

For your Valentine here’s I Will Always Love You played by violin and viola with an accompanying drumline.

I Will Always Love You was written by Dolly Parton and was a hit for her in 1974 and again for Whitney Houston with the release of The Body Guard. This is an arrangement for strings to which I added a drumline. Celebrate with your Valentine by playing this lovely song full of face-melting singles and bass drum splits! The end Is probably more of what your valentine wants to hear – a mellow melody supported with claps, bass, and MORE COWBELL!!

Sheet Music – Valentine’s Day Drumline | I Will Always Love You

💕More about Dolly Parton, Whitney Houston, and Elvis 👑 Dolly Parton’s turning down of Elvis made her a huge fortune thanks to Whitney Houston! Back in 1974, Dolly Parton had a huge hit in her original song I Will Always Love You. And it wasn’t long before Elvis Presley’s manager The Colonel came asking if The King could cover the song. Initially, the Country singer was incredibly excited by the prospect, but little did the star know that she’d end up in tears.

The Colonel said to her: “You know, we don’t record anything with Elvis unless we have the publishing, or at least half the publishing.” She replied: “Well, that throws a new light on this because I can’t give you half the publishing. I’m gonna leave that to my family. I can’t do that.” The infamously uncompromising manager then told her that The King could not cover the song without those terms but the Country star remained unrelenting and burst into tears. Dolly shared: “I cried all night. Oh, I just pictured Elvis, like, singing it. And I know that Elvis loved it. And I know it wasn’t him, but it’s true. I said no.”

She said to CMT: “I always wondered what it would sound like. I know he’d kill it. Don’t you? He would have killed it.” Dolly was even told by Priscilla Presley that The King sang I Will Always Love You to her as they came down the steps of the divorce courthouse following their divorce, which really touched her.

But in the end, the Country singer’s decision paid off as in 1992 Whitney Houston recorded her cover of the track for the soundtrack of The Bodyguard. In fact, it was her co-star Kevin Costner who had suggested it. Houston’s version of I Will Always Love You spent a record-breaking 14 weeks at No 1 in the US Billboard charts and is the best-selling single by a female artist and the sixth biggest single of all time with over 20 million sales. In fact, the cover just beats Elvis’ It’s Now or Never into seventh place.