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Industry News – July 2022

HLAG Perseverance AwardHIT LIKE A GIRL
2022 Winners and Honors
Hit Like a Girl has officially announced the winners of the 2022 Hit Like a Girl contest. The announcement marks the culmination of this year’s celebration of drumming and beatmaking that featured hundreds of participants from dozens of countries around the world and players of nearly every age. The complete results are now on the website.

“Thanks to our sponsors, judges, and management team, our organization was able to make more than 200 individual awards in the main, regional, weekly, and mini-contests,” comments HLAG Executive Director, David Levine. “This is a testament to the growth of our movement and the impact the female community is making on drumming.”

In addition, Hit Like a Girl has presented a special “Perseverance” Award to the seven Ukrainian drummers who, despite very difficult circumstances, entered this year’s contest. Working together with leading drumstick companies Vic Firth, Promark, London, Vater, and Techra, as well as drum education website Drumeo, Los Angeles-based drummer/educator Kristen Gleeson-Prata, and HLAG Ukrainian Ambassador Iryna Butko, the organization is sending an assortment of drumsticks and practice pads to the drummers in recognition of the extraordinary effort they made to represent themselves and Ukraine in the international drumming contest.

“Perseverance” Award recipients include: Drumset 13–17 Age Group – Solomiia Yavorska and Anna Kolisnychenko; Drumset 18–39 Age Group – Mariana Sachyk, Anastasiia Arutiunova (aka Betty Kreg), and Alevtina Bystrik; Drumset 40+ Age Group – Anna Oliinyk and Oksana Dezera.

Solomiia Yavorska wrote, “Unfortunately, in Ukraine it is not calm now, but I wanted to support my country with my participation.” Anna Oliinyk said, “Our drum school is currently closed but I remain in Kyiv. I don’t want to leave my home. For me, Hit Like a Girl is no longer a drum competition. It is an opportunity to speak about the situation in Ukraine.” Oksana Dezera wrote, “I used to live a carefree and happy life. I used to be woken up by the rays of sunlight, practice yoga, drink freshly squeezed orange juice, and take my dog for a walk. Then I would rush to my drum lesson. All this changed on February 24th.” Mariana Sachyk said, “Now I can’t play drums. I had to leave my home and could not even take my sticks with me. But I believe that in the very near future I will play again. I know that I will be back. Entering the contest is just my promise to myself that, despite everything, I still love drumming and I will continue doing it very soon.”

In addition to a Drumeo membership and a selection of drumsticks, each drummer will receive a practice pad including a variety of D’Addario “RealFeel,” Vic Firth “Galaxy” and “Graffiti,” and Drumeo’s “QuietKick” and “P4” models. Hit Like A Girl also thanks the Ukrainian drum schools and instructors, including Victor Gerchev, SkySticks, Drumart, Drum Music, Mann Drum School, Afrikan Drum School, and Alex Kasiarum for their support.

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