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Industry News — November 2022

PMC Drumming Connects Us

Peer-Inspired Community Program Launched

Hit Like a Girl and have joined forces to launch Drumming Connects Us Community, a peer-inspired community designed to encourage and engage young drummers and draw new players into the excitement and benefits of active music participation.

Drumming Connects Us Community encourages adolescents (18 years and under) to play drums and support each other through social media engagement. Young drummers receive tips from a group of six exceptional young players (Recker, Lola, Austin, KBG, Lil D, and Kii) on how to get started on drums, how to connect with other drummers around the world, and how to be safe online. Young drummers can get their posts and videos featured on the social pages by tagging and following @playdrumsdotcom and @hitlikeagirlcontest and using the hashtags #drummingconnectsus and #playdrums.

“This new Drumming Connects Us program is a way for drummers under 18 years of age to highlight their skills while sharing the fun of drumming with other kids on social media,” states Antoinette Follett, Executive Director of and the Percussion Marketing Council. “To launch the program, our featured drum community influencers have created a reel to help promote positive messaging and safe social media sharing.” View at

“As new generations have emerged, and music has become more accessible and diverse, we’re seeing the start of a new wave of drummers and music makers,” says David Levine, Hit Like a Girl Executive Director and drum industry consultant. “Today’s players have 24/7 access to videos, play-alongs, and educational content on the internet. The Drumming Connects Us Community offers a way for kids and teens to find, share, and inspire each other.”

Additional elements of Drumming Connects Us Community as well as a companion program called Drumming Connects Us Outreach will be announced in the coming weeks. To learn more, visit or @PlayDrumsdotcom on Instagram and Facebook.

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