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Product Showcase — April 2022

Majestic Opus One

Opus One Orchestral Snare Drum Series
Featuring the most desirable attributes of coveted vintage snare drums combined with modern design advancements, the new series was created over several years in collaboration with some of the percussion world’s most notable players. Ranging in size from 14 x 4 inches to 14 x 7 inches, the drums are offered in a variety of shell materials including brass, cherry, and cast iron, which is reminiscent of famous vintage “sewer pipe” drums. The Opus One Orchestral Snare Drum series will be available at authorized Majestic retailers in April 2022, with the release of an additional model anticipated later this year.

Each model comes equipped with its own set of hybrid snare cables, specific drum head combinations, and suggested tuning ranges to help players achieve a great sound right out of the box. Additionally, each drum was curated with a custom-designed frequency modifier accessory to help players achieve a wide variety of sonic textures. The drums are perfectly suited for professional orchestral stages, modern percussion ensembles, solo performance, or a variety of audition situations in addition to providing a thoughtful option for high-level school programs that prefer the streamlined design and reliability of a single throw-off style snare drum.

Pearl Redesign CX AirframePEARL
Redesigned CX Airframe 2 Carriers and PLUS Size Add-On Assemblies
Built off Pearl’s CX Airframe Carriers, the CX Airframe 2 models feature the same lightweight profile with rugged durability, yet have been reengineered for increased comfortability to suit players of all genders, body shapes, and sizes in the marching arts.

CX Airframe 2 Carriers feature reshaped Airframe shoulder and chest sections for improved comfort and maximum range of motion and support for an all-inclusive variety of body styles. Affixed to a lightweight, customizable belly plate and featuring Pearl’s Agility Control System (ACS) Belt and CX mounting hardware, CX Airframe 2 Carriers deliver a highly adjustable and comfortable marching experience wherever performance takes you.

Available separately as add-ons for CX Airframe 2 Carriers, new PLUS Size Shoulder Assemblies provide an expanded form, ensuring a comfortable fit for performers benefiting from the added space.

For more information on CX Airframe 2 Carriers, visit

Sabian HHX AnthologySABIAN
HHX Anthology
Sabian Ltd. has announced a new collection of cymbal designs added to the HHX series of professional cymbals. HHX Anthology is a creative collaboration between the master artisans at Sabian and world-renowned drummer and musician Jojo Mayer.

Developed over three years, the Anthology series has been created to be the most versatile cymbals Sabian has ever offered. They are simplicity refined, designed to enhance every drummer’s capability in tackling the most musical styles and situations. Traditional labels of ride and crash do not apply to Anthology, as they possess all of those qualities and more; it will be the player who designates the purpose of Anthology.

Jojo Mayer says, “Anthology is a return to essence, a re-orientation towards new possibilities and thinking, an instrument that transcends labels and inspires individual expression.”

Features and benefits include an always “there” stick sound, extended dynamic range of crash and sustain, controllable wash with beautiful shimmering sound, and sounds and playability applicable to more musical styles and acoustic scenarios than ever before.

Anthology comes in two versions: Low Bell and High Bell, both offered in 22-inch, 18-inch, and 14-inch hi-hat sizes. The Low Bell adds more control to the cymbal, which leans toward a traditional, sensitive, and elegant sound. The High Bell boosts the amplitude of a cymbal which leans to a contemporary, bold, and projecting sound. To ensure these instruments make a highly unique and personal musical statement, each cymbal’s weight is measured and inscribed inside the bell by the cymbal smith.

For more information on HHX Anthology cymbals, visit

Touch Series Cymbals
Developed in conjunction with world-renowned cajon and hand percussion specialist Nasrine Rahmani, cymbals in the Touch Series are designed to be played by hand. Included in the custom-made line are 9-, 10-, and 12-inch splashes, 14-inch crash, 18-inch crash-ride, 20-inch sizzle-ride, and dark and bright versions of the 13-inch hi-hats.

“We wanted to create a range of cymbals that would meet the needs of a diversity of drummers and drumming styles,” Nasrine explains. “The cymbals sound great and can be used individually, together, or in any setup the situation requires. Plus, they all respond well to being played with the hands and fingers, as well as brushes and sticks.”

Touch Series cymbals are now available exclusively from TRX and its worldwide network of distributors. For more information, visit

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