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Product Showcase — December 2023

DW Design Series Snares in Aluminum

DW Design Series Snares: Now In Aluminum

The Drum Workshop, Inc. (DW) Design Series® range has been expanded with the addition of two Aluminum snare drums. The new thin, beaded, matte aluminum snares are superbly versatile with a distinctive sound for classic onstage vibes. The Design Series® snare has a 1mm rolled Aluminum shell and features high-end DW hardware including: The DW MAG™ throw-off which allows drummers to precisely adjust snare tension with a smooth, friction-free easy action, DW’s True-Pitch® rods that offer more exact tuning, low-mass mini-turret lugs for reduced shell tension, DW TrueTone® snare wires and rounded triple-flange hoops to provide drummers with open attack and rim shots.

The new Design Series® Aluminum snare is available in two sizes, 5-½x14” and 6-½x14”. With thin beaded aluminum shells, these snares offer a more resonant tone with more overtones than their thicker rolled-shell cousins, while producing a rounder attack with drier resonance. The drums classy matte finish with DW patented chrome hardware.

To find out more about The Design Series® Aluminum snare please go to

DW MFG True Cast SnareDW Drums Launches Limited Edition 5×14” DW MFG True-Cast Snare
DW is proud to announce an encore release of its highly sought after True-Cast Bell Bronze Snare with the launch today of the 5×14” DW MFG True-Cast Snare Drum assembled in the legendary California Custom Shop.  Previously, the company had issued a very limited run of True-Cast drums that were sold out within minutes of their release in late 2019.

Designed by DW’s innovative product development team in conjunction with DW artist Dave Elitch, the sand-cast pure bronze shells offer a unique and powerful voice that’s both dynamic and distinct.  As the only drums bearing the DW Manufacturing (MFG) name, True-Cast snares include machined solid brass components lugs: Mini MAG throw-off™, butt plate, mini-Turret lugs and True-Pitch™ tension rods.

The sand-cast, seamless bell bronze drum shell is machined with 45°bearing edges and precision snare bed. It also features a concave interior, graduating from 5mm at the edges to 3mm in the middle, mimicking the focused tonality of integrated reinforcement hoops. Machined True-Cast counter hoops add to the drum’s unique sonic properties and refined look. The drum is capped off with a 20-strand True-Tone™ snare wires and Remo Ambassador single-ply snare heads with DW MFG logos.

Elitch commented on this project “I’m a drummer and a drum collector.  I’m passionate about the instrument and wanted to partner with DW to make the quintessential sand-cast bronze snare-made the right way. Every aspect of this drum was thought out and executed with the utmost care and attention to detail. The result is a modern-day legend, both sonically and visually.”

Available exclusively from authorized DW Drum’s retail partners and distributors worldwide, only one hundred 5×14” drums will be produced. The drum comes packaged in a deluxe DW MFG flight case by Calzone and will include a signed certificate of authenticity.

In December, DW will also release a True-Cast Snare Expansion Pack for DW Soundworks, Drum Workshop’s new virtual drums software. The True Cast Expansion Pack will make the True-Cast sound available to electronic drummers and music producers globally.

To find out more about this True-Cast Bell Bronze Snare please go to

DW SoundworksDrum Workshop Introduces DW Soundworks™ Virtual Drums Plugin New Software Includes Authentic Library Of DW, Gretsch, and Slingerland Drum Sounds
DW is proud to announce the launch of their premium virtual studio instrument (VST) and drum sample library, DW Soundworks alongside the launch of their first-of-its-kind wireless acoustic-electronic convertible drum set DWe®.

Designed by DW to deliver a powerful software solution, DW Soundworks puts the drummer in control of their sound. With an intuitive, simple interface and advanced controls for those who want to fine-tune every detail, the new software delivers the most authentic experience whether it is powering the DWe drum kit or being used as a VST plugin.

The new DW Soundworks platform incorporates all the expertise, creativity, development, and refinement expected of a DW product. This virtual instrument offers a comprehensive collection of drum sounds which cater to a wide array of musical styles and genres. DW Soundworks is the solution for DW, Gretsch, and Slingerland drum sounds.  

DW Soundworks samples capture the authentic tonality of the company’s drums for a realistic audio experience. The core library features drum kit samples from the DW Collector’s Series® line including DW Pure Maple®, DW Maple Mahogany and limited-edition kits no longer in production including the DW 50th Anniversary and DW Pure Almond® kits. Additionally, DW Soundworks includes a Gretsch USA Custom kit, and the personal 1958 Slingerland kit of DW’s founder Don Lombardi. The drums were sampled to the exacting specifications of DW with 18 dynamic layers per sample and recorded at the DW factory with best-in-class microphones, high-quality microphone preamplifiers plus a variety of compressors and equalizers. Future expansion packs will offer users even more drum kit choices.

Building on the brand’s reputation as a custom drum manufacturer, customization is built right into DW Soundworks and now in the hands of the music producer. Effects can be used to fine tune the library’s sound samples; equalization (EQ), compression, reverb, plus other processing options allow users to shape their drum sound and can be applied either to individual drum elements or to the entire drum kit. The software supports up to 30 active instruments, has seamless DAW compatibility, and a library of high-quality, DW acoustic drum sounds recorded at 24-bit resolution and a sampling rate of 88.2 kHz. It is Apple MacOS & Microsoft Windows compatible.

The powerful and user-friendly virtual drum software DW Soundworks fulfills the demands of musicians and producers alike. It is a top-tier electronic drum instrument with unmatched quality, versatility, and realism, which offers an expandable library of samples and effects with countless controls to produce a drum sound to your exact tastes.

To find out more about DW Soundworks™ please go to

DW Acoustic Electronic Converible DrumDW Drums Introduces DWe®, The World’s First Wireless Acoustic-Electronic Convertible Drum kit New Innovation Seamlessly Blends Artistry with Breakthrough Technology
DW is proud to announce the launch of DWe, a first-of-its-kind wireless, acoustic-electronic convertible drum set. Under development for several years, DWe is designed to blur the lines between acoustic and electronic drums and deliver an authentic playing experience. DWe adds innovative, patent-pending technology to the artisan, handcrafted acoustic drum shells that DW is known for worldwide. DWe is DW electrified!

DWe drums are fully convertible, handcrafted acoustic and electronic drums, offering drummers the best of both worlds. The kit’s 100% maple e33 shells are hand-built at DW’s factory in California, U.S.A. using the finest materials for the ultimate sound. Mounted within the shells are DWe’s new, proprietary electronic drum triggers featuring cutting-edge wireless technology with no latency. DWe drums are ready to play straight out of the box with no wires or cables required and are available in a choice of stunning finishes.  

Innovation is built into every DWe kit. Intuitive features include a digiMAG™ snare throw-off, pressure-sensing cross stick detection, and pitch bend capabilities, which make DWe the most realistic playing experience available for electronic drummers. DWe uses an innovative wireless trigger solution that enables up to five zones and up to 18 dynamic layers per drum, giving you a natural range of dynamics for your playing. DWe cymbals are engineered for expression, with an authentic metal playing surface, three zones (edge, bow, bell), edge choke, and 360-degree playability. DWe leverages generations of quality standards and expertise from both Drum Workshop and Roland Corporation to deliver best-in-class dependability.

Shipped with the DWe kit is DW’s new DW Soundworks™ virtual software instrument. It has drums and cymbals sampled by DW to their exacting specifications, giving drummers a range of premium samples with natural drum tonality. With an intuitive, simple interface and advanced controls for those who want to fine tune every detail, DW Soundworks™ delivers the most comprehensive experience whether it is powering the DWe kit or being used as a plugin in a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). In addition, the DW Soundworks™ platform will continue to grow with downloadable expansion packs including new kits, effects, and more.

DWe is a breakthrough in acoustic-electronic convertible drums, built for drummers by drummers. They have been developed and tested by many of the most respected drummers including Nisan Stewart(Beyonce, Jay Z, Dancing with the Stars), Sheila E (Prince), Josh Freese (Foo Fighters), Trevor Lawrence Jr (Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre), Chad Wackerman (James Taylor, Frank Zappa), Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction, Porno for Pyro’s), Terry Bozzio (Missing Persons) and Thomas Lang (st0rk, session drummer).

Every part of the playing experience has been designed with the drummer in mind. From the simplicity of wireless and industry-leading hardware to invisibly embedded technology and user-friendly software, the innovation in DWe is designed to let you focus on your playing.  

To find out more about the pioneering new DWe drums please visit DWe is available in store in North America and Japan beginning in November 2023 and additional markets in 2024. Please check the DW website or ask your local dealer for availability in your local market.

Gretsch Renegade SeriesGRETSCH DRUMS
Gretsch Drums Introduces Renegade Series Drum Kits

Gretsch Drums introduces the new Renegade Series; a drum kit with all the essentials at an affordable price. Each Renegade drum set is a complete five-piece drum kit which includes all the hardware, set of brass cymbals, and a pair of drumsticks; everything to get started straight away!

Featuring shells manufactured to Gretsch’s exacting standards, this kit comprises a 16″×22″ bass drum, 7″×10″ and 8″×12″ rack toms, a 14″×16″ floor tom, and a 5″×14″ snare drum. Each drum is fitted with classic full range Gretsch lugs, triple-flange hoops, and a bass drumhead featuring the iconic Gretsch logo.

The drum kit also includes a full hardware pack: a bass drum pedal, hi-hat stand, snare stand, straight cymbal stand, and bass drum mounted double tom holder. The included brass cymbal pack consists of 13″ hi-hats and a 15″ crash/ride cymbal. The setup is completed with a Gretsch drum throne and a pair of drumsticks.

The new, affordable Renegade Kits are available in four different colors, Grey Sparkle, Ruby Sparkle, Blue Sparkle, and Black Mist. Retailing at an amazing $599.00 (USA) the Renegade drum kits are as easy on the eyes as they are on the pocket.

For more information about the new Renegade Drum Series and all the other Gretsch drums and artists please visit For information on pricing and availability outside the USA check with your local retailer.  

Latin Percussion Adds Congas To Discovery Series A New Color of Rhythm

LP expands its Discovery Series of percussion instruments with the addition of the all-new, lightweight, tunable Discovery Congas. See the new fun and easy to play congas here:

Made with LP’s Exclusive HD™ Shell Construction the Discovery Congas are built using a high-density plastic shell that offers a bright and punchy tone. The 10” and 11” drums feature natural rawhide heads for an authentic playing experience and EZ Curve rims for hours of comfortable play.  The 9/32” lugs mean the Discovery Congas are easy to tune and produce a dynamic sound suitable for the beginner and intermediate player. Also included is a double conga stand and a tuning wrench.

The Discovery Congas are available in four vibrant colors: Black Onyx, Race Car Blue, Sea Foam, and Slate Grey. They are finished with black powder-coated hardware for stunning looks.  Their striking appearance and exciting sound make the new Discovery Congas the perfect way to leap into hand percussion.

To find out more about the LP Discovery Congas and all the other Latin Percussion products, please go to

Pearl Concert Toms UpgradedPEARL
Pearl Concert Toms Upgraded with R2 Air & OptiLoc Suspension Systems

For decades, Pearl’s Concert Series Toms have set the standard for powerful projection, tonal resonance, and reliable hardware, suiting percussionists from the concert hall to the outdoor stadium. For 2023, Pearl introduces its revolutionary R2 Air Suspension and Opti-Loc mounting systems to its three series of Concert Toms. 

PTA Philharmonic and PTM Symphonic Series Double-Headed Toms are now equipped with Pearl’s revolutionary R2 Air Tom Suspension System, an exclusive four-point floating isolation system which attaches to the top and bottom of the drum. Available with both new GyroLock-L or Pearl’s standard 7/8″ tube arm. PTA Philharmonic and PTM Symphonic Series Single-Headed Toms are now equipped with Pearl’s Opti-Loc Suspension System, featuring a three-point isolation mount that provides solid, stable play and superior tom sustain. PTE Concert Series Toms have been upgraded with RL10 lugs and the new sturdy T895 Double Tom Stand. 

PTA Philharmonic Series Concert Toms feature 100% 6-ply African Mahogany shells for rich sustain and powerful penetrating bass tones. PTM Symphonic Series Concert Toms feature a 6-ply, 7.5mm 100% Maple Shell for lush mid-tones and full sustain, and PTE Concert Series Toms feature a 6-ply, 7.5mm Poplar and Kapur composite shells which produce superb tone and excellent projection. 

Pearl’s playable/displayable Drum Frame gives any image the Rock Star treatment! 

For a totally personalized sonic and visual vibe, the Pearl Drum Frame is not only PLAYABLE as an added percussive voice, but DISPLYABLE as a visual showcase for customized artwork. 

This 20″ x5″ single-headed bass drum can be mounted around the drum set for added low-end accents with any standard 10mm L-arm. It can be played with sticks as a “Gong/Pancake” bass, or with a bass drum pedal as a portable kick drum in smaller spaces. 

The Drum Frame’s included wall mounting kit lets it transition from your drumming space to an exhibit-worthy display, making it ideal for showcasing custom drum head art. 

“We have been making Drum Frames out of scrapped bass drums for years as a way to preserve special graphics and awards,” says Kevin Packard, Pearl Combo Marketing Manager. “It’s mounted to look as if a bass drum is coming through the wall, and makes a great display for band graphics or prized photos.” 

Using a simple upload tool at, this affordable display and performance piece can be customized with a reusable vinyl drumhead cling featuring your own logo, design, or photo for less than $50 USD. Perfect for adorning any Studio, Study, Garage or performance space wall, the Drum Frame is playable/displayable reflection of your creative vision. 

For more information on the Pearl Drum Frame, visit

Give the Pearl Drummer Gift Box: the perfect all-in-one Percussionist Present!
Looking for the ideal gift to get the drummer in your life for this Holiday season? Surprise them with the new Pearl Drummer Gift Box! This all-in-one package featuring four professional drum maintenance accessories is exceptional for drummers of all skill levels. 

“The team at our Nashville office is pretty much all working drummers,” says Pearl’s V.P. of Sales and Marketing Glen Caruba (himself an award-winning session and touring percussionist.) “We put the Drummer Gift Pack together with the items we would want to receive to make gigs go more smoothly.” 

Each Pearl Drummer Gift Box features our 13-in-1 Pearl TechTool, the original FlipMute Drum Key, a bottle of Pearl Drum Polish, and a microfiber polishing cloth pre-loaded in a deluxe insulated parcel. 

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Pearl Expandable MalletSTATIONPearl Introduces Expandable and Powerful malletSTATION EM PRO 
In 2017, Pearl revolutionized the electronic percussion space with the introduction of malletSTATION EM1, an adjustable range 3.0 octave electronic mallet controller powered by Keith McMillen Instruments. Today, Pearl once again redefines the electronic percussion experience with the introduction of malletSTATION EM PRO – a modern, expandable, powerful, and completely limitless premium instrument built for professionals. 

EM PRO is not just an evolution of the original malletSTATION, but a complete departure in purposeful design. Whereas malletSTATION EM1 was designed to be light, portable, and USB-powered for the ultimate go-anywhere mallet controller, EM PRO is all about raw power, ultimate performance, and expandability. EM PRO is built around two separate components that work seamlessly together, allowing you to design the professional performance instrument of your dreams. 

“We are very excited to bring the added power and performance of EM PRO to the malletSTATION product line. The range expandability of the EM PRO platform will allow players to build the instrument that they need, and the optional add-on sound card will give players a wide selection of world-class sounds. EM1 took percussion education and performance into new territory, and EM PRO has the potential to take it into a completely new dimension.” – Shawn Lafrenz, Sr. Marketing Manager, Pearl Corporation 

“I love my EM1, but as soon as I played my first note on the EM PRO I knew Pearl had truly taken electronic percussion to the next level. The build quality, sensitivity, and versatility of the EM PRO is unmatched and I can’t wait to incorporate this new instrument into my daily practice and performances,” said Pearl Artist Nate Skinner of VIBEAT. 

malletSTATION EM PRO features a full-color, multi-line screen for navigation, programmable backlit touch-sensitive buttons and control sliders, both USB and 5 PIN MIDI connectivity, and a powerful optional sound card that can completely free you from a computer tether during live performance. 

The 2.0 octave EMC control module features a modern 32-bit multiprocessor architecture that offers a quantum leap in speed and power over EM1, resulting in increased bar precision, accuracy, and extended dynamic range. EM PRO features Smart Fabric Technology, a Keith McMillen Instruments exclusive, allowing malletSTATION to be highly expressive, thin, and dynamic. 

While the EMC Control Module provides the brains to EM PRO, the EMX Expansion Module brings creativity and individuality. Simply remove the end cap of the Control Module and slide on one, two, or three EMX Expansion Modules to create a 3, 4, or a complete 5 octave professional mallet instrument. Modules seamlessly lock together, and the inner aluminum structure creates a secure, precise, and rock-solid playing surface. Each expansion module also features an additional dedicated 8-bit onboard processor, so adding multiple octaves never impacts core performance. 

The optional EM PRO sound card features a Quad-Core ARM 64-bit 2.0GHz processor and ships with an all-new lush, beautifully recorded Adams 5 octave Alpha Marimba and Alpha Vibraphone sampled by premium sound partner, Soundiron. Transfer sounds directly to your sound card over onboard Bluetooth or wired connection, and you are ready for endless performance opportunities. 

malletSTATION EM PRO is completely different from anything that has ever come before. Modern, powerful, expandable, and completely limitless, malletSTATION EM PRO… only from Pearl. 

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Pearl Finalist Series 33Pearl Introduces Finalist Series Birch Marching Drums at Mid-Range Price
To be a Finalist, you need a Championship attitude – and Finalist Series drums are ready for the challenge. Combining Pearl’s first-ever corps-style birch shell with Pearl’s world-renowned Championship Series Cast Aluminum hardware, Finalist drums are the answer for programs looking for a high quality, lightweight, and durable marching solution on a limited budget. 

The FBX 14”x12” Finalist Snare drum features an all-new NanoTouch dual-action snare release system for maximum response in a 14.0 lbs. lightweight and easy-to-use design. The NanoTouch parallel action system allows the snares to be completely pulled away from the bottom head for easy tuning and adjustments to the 16-strand synthetic guts. The FBX Snare features an all-new “Vaulted” lightweight Edge Ring. Similar in design to the standard setting Pearl FFX edge rings, the new die-cast high-tension edge ring includes strategically cut “Vaulted” voids in the interior profile to reduce weight, while adding strength at each load-bearing tension post zone. 

Finalist FMTB Tenor drums feature a new medium depth “Mid-Cut” shell for reduced weight, along with Pearl’s standard fully rounded bearing edges with maple reinforcement rings. In addition, Finalist 14” and 8” Single tenors and 15”x12” Traditional Tenors are available. 

Finalist FBDB Bass drums feature a classic 6-ply all-birch shell available in 14”-30” diameters and a uniform 14” depth for all sizes. 100% Maple hoops cut to a 1.5” width provides a strong yet flexible tuning platform for all styles of playing. 

Finalist Series drums are available in Polished Aluminum hardware and choice of #33 Pure White and #46 Midnight Black durable wrap finishes. All Finalist drums are CX Airframe 2 Carrier system compatible and are ready to take on the demands of any marching field. 

Learn more: 

Pearl Short Fuse Snare DrumPearl offers powerful snare drum pop at a low price with the Short Fuse Piccolo! 
In the spirit of their classic effects snare drums from years past, Pearl’s new Short Fuse 13”x3.5” piccolo snare is an affordable way for developing players to expand their drumming voice. 

Features 1mm powder coated Black Steel shell, single-point dual lugs, and quick release snare strainer for punchy timbale tones. Its tight, cracking tone is perfect for side or main snare play and punctuated accents. 

“We were pretty knocked out by the sound of this drum in live testing,” says Raymond Massey, Pearl Director of Research and Development. “The Short Fuse cracks with a lot of power when you lay into it, but is surprisingly sensitive at lower volume.” 

Placement around the kit is a breeze thanks to its compact size. One strike and you’ll know, it doesn’t take much to make the Short Fuse explode! 

For more information on the Pearl Snare Drums, visit

Sabian StratusSABIAN

SABIAN announces the global launch of STRATUS at PASIC
Internationally acclaimed cymbal maker, SABIAN, announced the global launch of its STRATUS cymbal series at the 2023 Percussive Arts Society International Convention.

STRATUS captures the quality of darker, more complex cymbals, but still incorporates a hint of shimmering brightness, which makes for the perfect tone. The combination of SABIAN’s B20 Bronze with STRATUS high-impact hammering, is the key to the rich, dynamic sound these cymbals produce. Featuring clear articulation, a warm wash and musical spread, STRATUS captures the entire sensory experience, with cymbals that feel as good as they sound.

“At its heart, STRATUS is a professional-quality series that strikes the right balance between mainstream and professional performance in a beautiful design,” said Stacey Montgomery-Clark, SABIAN’s Vice-President of Sales & Marketing. “There is not a cymbal series on the market that sounds even remotely close to STRATUS at this price point. We are so excited to bring this exciting new series to drummers everywhere.”

The result of two years of intensive research and development, STRATUS was created by the SABIAN team alongside customers, artists, and industry insiders from across the world, with the goal of catering to the evolving needs of the modern drummer. It fills a clear gap in the market and is a continuation of SABIAN’s long legacy of industry leadership and sound innovation.

“As a company we have always challenged the status quo to create products that redefine what’s possible for all drummers, from those playing on the biggest stages to those jamming in their basements,” said Mark Love, Director of Research and Development. “This new series is no different. It introduces a new sound to our product offering—one that will surely help our players to take their sound to new heights.”

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