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Product Showcase — May 2022

Soy Wax and Drum Dampener
In an effort to directly address sustainability within ongoing product development and an initiative to introduce more eco-friendly accessories into their catalog of products, Black Swamp Percussion has released a new soy tambourine wax and wood drum dampener.

The new Black Swamp soy wax is manufactured from a highly renewable material and packaged using a recycled sleeve and sticker. Wax is poured into an easy-to-use tube and applies smoothly to the tambourine head surface. This helps enhance friction for performing finger rolls, rivaling the performance of traditional beeswax thumb-roll compound.

The new Black Swamp wood drum dampeners are made from lumber cut offs and feature a wide variety of exotic and domestic lumber reused for drum dampener construction. Dampeners are 5 inches long and 1 1/8 inches wide. Felt backing both muffles and reduces movement, while still retaining the tone your drum needs to sound its best. Besides repurposing lumber, Black Swamp is also utilizing a recycled sleeve for BSDD packaging.

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