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Product Showcase — May 2023

DW Alex Gonzalez DW Snare

Alex Gonzalez DW ICON Snare
Drum Workshop, Inc. (DW) has announced the Alex Gonzalez DW ICON™ Snare — a tribute to the legendary drummer of Latin pop icons Maná. Gonzalez and his band, Maná, are one of the biggest pop/rock bands in the world. They have sold more than 40 million records, winning four Grammys and nine Latin Grammys. Gonzalez’ wide ranging grooves, complex flourishes, and awesome chops have been the driving force of the band from day one.

The 6.5 x 14 Alex Gonzalez DW ICON™ Snare has been constructed using an 11-ply HVLT™ North American Hard Rock Maple shell with a Birdseye Maple outer veneer that is dyed gray. It is fitted with premium black nickel DW hardware featuring a MAG Throw-off™, five-position (5P) butt plate, True-Hoops®, True-Pitch® tuning, DW heads™ by Remo®, and more. The outer shell is decorated with vivid wood inlays using dyed Pearwood, Koto, and Tulipwoods. The designs represent the Maná logo, Gonzalez’ iconic rose logo, and his portrait.

Only 250 of this limited-edition snare will be made by DW. Each will come with a deluxe DW carrying case and a signed certificate of authenticity from John Good. A portion of proceeds from the sale of each snare will be donated to the charity nominated by Gonzalez,, who are helping to support cancer patients.

Watch the launch video at, and to find out more about the Alex Gonzalez DW ICON™ Snare go to

Evans Sunhouse TechEVANS 
Partnership With Sunhouse Technologies
Evans Drumheads has announced a new partnership with Sunhouse Technologies Inc. Building upon Sunhouse’s foundational Sensory Percussion technology, the joint venture features completely redesigned versions of both the hardware and software, giving drummers more power, control, and expressive possibility. 

Originally introduced by Sunhouse in 2015, this patented technology lets drummers turn their acoustic drum kits into powerful controllers for electronic music-making. Using sensors — not triggers — along with proprietary machine learning, Sensory Percussion dynamically maps each drumhead’s surface and tracks each hit. With up to ten programmable zones per head and virtually limitless ways to control and manipulate them, drummers now have a way to naturally express themselves with electronic tools like samples, effects, and MIDI. 

The new Evans Hybrid Sensory Percussion Sound System is an entirely fresh take on the original, redeveloped from the ground up to give the drummer more reliable, usable, and purpose-built hardware, along with a reworked software experience to power an ever-expanding universe of discovery and creativity. 

With this expansion into electronics, Evans is establishing Evans Hybrid — a new division focused on imagining and building the future of drumming, developing technologies that bridge the gap between acoustic and electronic percussion. 

The Evans Hybrid Sensory Percussion Sound System comes in a package consisting of the following: 

1. New Sensory Percussion Software, completely redesigned to be more seamless, intuitive, and musical — eliminating as many barriers to creativity as possible, on stage or in the studio. 

2. The Evans Portal audio interface, designed to work specifically with the software and proprietary sensors. It features seven sensor inputs, a built-in microphone, two combo mic/line/Hi-Z inputs, and a variety of headphone, aux, and stereo outputs. 

3. Three Drum Sensors, built to be sleeker, more durable, and easier to set up and remove. Each sensor tracks speed, velocity, and timbre across ten distinct programmable zones. The new sensors also feature tour-friendly, 3.5 mm cables over heavy XLRs. 

4. Additional items include a pack of 12 pickup elements, three 12 ft. TRS cables, one power adaptor, one USB-C cable, Evans EMAD Bass Drumhead adapter, and special Sensory Percussion ProMark ActiveGripTM Drumsticks. 

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DAddario Drumhead FinderD’ADDARIO 
Drumhead Finder
In partnership with Cartful Solutions, D’Addario has created a simple, yet powerful recommendation engine that sifts through hundreds of possibilities to align with each player’s needs. Using advanced technology, Drumhead Finder can match players to the right Evans drumhead with incredible accuracy.

The user experience is fun, easy, and takes only a few minutes to complete. Players answer a series of questions about their drum, preferences, and style, which allows the tool to narrow down the list of ideal drumheads. Some questions cover: Drum Type, Size, Reason for Changing Head, and Volume Restriction.

Once completed, users instantly receive their “Best Match,” as well as ancillary options. Players can also have results sent by email for future reference. Drumhead Finder covers most every type of drum including drum set, marching, concert percussion, and hand percussion.

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Grover Improved SleighbellsGROVER PRO PERCUSSION
New and Improved Sleigh Bells
Grover Pro Percussion has announced the release of their new and improved Sleigh Bells. Featuring two metal pellets in every bell, the new design offers improved sound production and helps eliminate unwanted “after-ring.” Now, when the player stops playing, the bells stop ringing, resulting in a more precise and controlled performance.

Grover Pro Sleigh Bells also feature a unique integral rubber foot that allows for silent acquisition and placement on a trap table or any other surface. The round foot also functions as a handle for radial motions, allowing for short staccato notes, and provides a striking surface for playing the bells with one hand. The set includes 24 carbon steel bells that are chrome plated for durability, delivering a characteristic sound that projects with a brilliant resonance. 

The new Grover Pro Sleigh Bells are perfect for a wide range of musical applications, including orchestral, concert band, and percussion ensemble performances.

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Grover Rosewood CastanetsNew Rosewood Castanets
Grover Pro Percussion has announced the release of its new Rosewood Castanets.
The castanets feature solid rosewood clappers and a simple belt-tension adjustment that can be set to micro-fine settings and remain consistent while using. The comfortable lightweight oak handle ensures that these castanets are easy to hold and play for extended periods of time. In addition, the GWC-2R castanets come with free protective covers, making them easy to store and transport safely.

These castanets are slightly smaller and brighter sounding than Grover’s large granadillo model, providing a unique sound and tone that will set it apart. These castanets are perfect for musicians who demand the best in terms of sound quality and performance capabilities. The Rosewood Castanets come with a limited lifetime guarantee.

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Grover GCX SnareGCX™ Snare Drum
Grover Pro has announced the GCX™ Concert Snare Drum, designed specifically for percussionists who are still learning their craft, making it the simplest and most forgiving concert snare drum available.

The GCX has been engineered to produce refined crystal-clear clarity and super-sensitivity that aids in the execution of the softest dynamic passages. It features professional caliber multi-tonal CX snares that are pretensioned at the factory and never need balancing. Additionally, the innovative “Radial” bearing edge provides more contact between the batter head and shell, bringing sonic clarity in the softer dynamic range.

One of the key features of the GCX is its “2-Tone” Magnetic muffler, which is the only snare drum muffler that features this technology. The muffler instantly locks into the optimal position thanks to internal rare earth magnets, providing two distinct dampening surfaces, which result in different degrees of muffling. Whether you like it extra dry or with a splash of resonance, the muffler is there to provide the perfect sound.

The GCX also includes a 10-ply cross-laminated all-maple shell, distinctive single point “bow tie” lugs, ADV nodal venting, a simple single lever throw-off, and a heavy-duty case. It has only one tension knob adjustment, making it incredibly easy to play.

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Grover Dual Action CastanetDual Action Castanet Machine
Grover Pro Percussion has introduced the Grover Pro Dual Action Castanet Machine. This is the only castanet machine on the market that offers two settings to optimize dynamic range response. 

This model of castanets are slightly smaller and brighter sounding than Grover’s large granadillo model, and feature medium-sized clappers made of solid Rosewood. The tension of the castanets is fully adjustable, thanks to the simple tension adjustment knob that can be set to micro fine settings, remaining consistent throughout use.

In addition, the Grover Pro Dual Action Castanet Machine boasts a compact footprint, which makes it ideal for tabletop or cymbal-stand mounting. It is designed to offer superior sound quality and performance for musicians of all levels. This product is backed by Grover Pro’s limited lifetime guarantee.

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LP Tito Puente Timbale and CowbellsLATIN PERCUSSION 
Tito Puente Signature Timbale and Cowbell Sets
Latin Percussion (LP) has launched the limited-edition Tito Puente Signature Timbale and Cowbell sets to mark the centennial of the birth of “El Rey del Timbal.”

Famed composer, bandleader, and percussionist Tito Puente had a career that spanned more than five decades. He played with many leading jazz performers including George Shearing, Dizzy Gillespie, and Woody Herman. Tito was a revered ambassador for Latin jazz and the Latin Percussion brand with hit songs such as “Oye Como Va.”

The limited-edition Tito Puente Centennial Timbale Set, based on LP’s Tito Puente Steel Timbales, have a retro feel with rolled out bottoms and a special Green Badge reminiscent of LP’s original timbales. Each set is laser engraved with Tito’s signature and numbered. LP will be producing a limited run of 200 units making them a true collector’s item. The set includes a 14-inch and 15 x 6½-inch stainless steel shells, a heavy-duty stand, cowbell bracket, timbale sticks, and tuning wrench.

Also available is the matching limited-edition Tito Puente Signature Cowbell set. The set contains the two preferred cowbell models played by the maestro throughout his career. The 7½-inch Prestige has strong middle overtones and was Tito’s signature bell and sound. The bright pitch of the 5-inch chrome-plated Deluxe Black Beauty, with Tito’s signature stamped on the face, is the perfect complement. Both bells are made in the USA and feature LP’s patented self-aligning eye bolt, which accommodates 3/8-inch to half-inch mounting rods.

To find out more about the limited-edition Tito Puente Signature Timbale and Cowbell sets, plus other Latin Percussion products, go to #wearerhythm

Accessibility Helper tool for Maschine MK3
Native Instruments has released the NI Accessibility Helper, a new lightweight app that works with Maschine software to help visually impaired producers and beatmakers.

The Accessibility Helper works by enabling Maschine users to hear touch-triggered audio cues that read out each control that is used, with all encoders, pads, and screen-menu items identifiable in this way. Additionally, the Accessibility Helper provides a degree of in-app help and orientation over the hardware, which are triggered via computer keyboard input.

First introduced for Maschine MK3, the NI Accessibility Helper will soon be available for use with more NI hardware devices as part of NI’s commitment to developing new tools that empower producers to create without barriers. 

The Accessibility Helper is now available for all owners of Maschine+ and Maschine MK3 via Native Access.

Safestix Drumstick GripsSAFESTIX
Drumstick Grips
Designed to extend the life of your favorite drumsticks, SafeStix™ is a low-cost, luxurious, and velvet-like anti-slip grip-sheath that firmly binds to the butt of your drumstick in mere minutes so you can continually perform comfortably and accurately, even under the most aggressive and sweatiest of performance conditions, gig-after-gig. 

 SafeStix™ will not only dramatically increase gripping, striking and performance power, as well as stick strength and resiliency to prevent breaking, fraying and splintering, the primary function of SafeStix™ is to extend the useability and lifespan of drumsticks by up to, if not more than, 400%. 

SafeStix™ wraps are 8 inches long, can be trimmed with scissors to custom lengths, and will fit all 7A, 7B, 5A, and 5B drumsticks. SafeStix™ are available in Black and are sold one pair per package.

To order online, visit SafeStix.Rocks

30th Anniversary Margarita Congas, Bongos and Cowbells
Toca Percussion is proud to celebrate its 30th anniversary with the introduction of the Limited Edition Margarita Congas, Bongos and Cowbells. These instruments feature luminescent shells adorned with one-of-a-kind anodized hardware, topped with white Remo Nuskyn heads, and finished off with the 30th-anniversary logo on the heads and nameplates. The drums have 28-inch tall, seamless fiberglass shells. The bigger belly shape produces deeper bass tones and crisp highs. 

The bodies of the 30th Anniversary Cowbells mimic the luminescent shells of the drums and come in bongo and timbale bell versions. The 30th Anniversary logo is adorned on the face of each bell.

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Evans Sunhouse TechMulti-Use Bongo Stand
Toca Percussion has introduced the Toca Multi-Use Bongo Stand, a versatile and durable stand that combines the functionality of seated bongo stands and bongo arms into one product. The Toca Multi-Use Bongo Stand allows musicians to play the bongos while seated on a throne or attach them to a double conga stand. With its C-Clamp bongo mount and adjustable height and angle, this stand is fully customizable to meet any playing style.

Designed to fit any double conga stand, this sturdy and durable stand adds extra bongos to your set, without taking up floor space, making it an ideal add-on for any drummer or percussionist. 

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Toca Jingle SnapToca Jingle Snap
Toca Percussion announced the Toca Jingle Snap™. This accessory allows drummers to add a jingle sound to their backbeat with precision and control. With the Toca Jingle Snap, drummers can keep access to that jingle sound close to their sticks and hit it whenever they want. This stickable jingle provides a precise accent only when needed, because it’s mounted directly onto the snare instead of to a constantly moving hi-hat. This small accessory packs a big sound or quiet jingle, and leaves the drummer in control. 

Designed to fit onto any acoustic drum, the Toca Jingle Snap™ features four nickel-plated steel jingles that add texture. Its black powder-coated metal frame ensures durability and long-lasting use.

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Toca Grabber MountGrabber Percussion Mount
Toca Percussion has launched the Toca Grabber™ Percussion Mount. The percussion mount is designed to easily add percussion or small cymbals to drum sets, congas, or timbales. The Grabber can be securely mounted on any common drum rim to add percussion accessories, or microphones exactly where they’re needed. The mount is also ideal for drum kit setups, percussion rigs, and even marching drums. The Grabber comes equipped with a standard percussion rod that is angle adjustable to fit your exact needs. 

One of the key features of the Toca Grabber is its ability to fit nearly every standard drum rim, making it a versatile addition to any drummer or percussionist’s toolkit. This percussion mount securely holds accessories or microphones, and is height adjustable to ensure perfect placement of the equipment. The Grabber’s angle adjustability allows the user to position their accessories at any angle they require.

The Toca Grabber Percussion Mount promises to make customization of drum sets and percussion rigs much easier and more efficient.

For more info, visit

Toca Drumset TimbalesDrum Set Timbales with Snares 
Toca Percussion has announced the release of two new drum set timbales, equipped with snares. These new instruments provide drummers with an expanded range of sound options, and are perfect for drummers looking to add new elements to their music.

The first of these two new timbales is the 12×4 version, which features a stunning stainless-steel finish. The smaller head size of this timbale makes it easy to place in tighter spaces, while the steel shells provide maximum sustain, brightness, and clarity. What’s more, this timbale comes equipped with a snare, enabling drummers to easily transition from a unique timbale sound to a snappy snare sound.

The second of Toca’s new drum set timbales is the 12×7 model, which boasts all the same features as its smaller counterpart, but with a deeper ring and a hand-hammered stainless-steel finish. Both these drum set timbales come with a heavy-duty mount that accommodates a variety of rods and tom holders, making them easy to place on any drum set.

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TocabCommuterbCongasCommuter Congas
Toca has introduced the Commuter Conga, a portable drum that is perfect for musicians on the go. The Commuter Conga is available in 10-inch and 11-inch head sizes and comes standard with Remo Fiberskyn heads.

Musicians can purchase drums separately or choose from one with a single stand or both sizes with a double stand. The lugs are accessible at the top, making it simple and quick to adjust the sound and tuning.

The 10-inch drum comes with a 3-inch diameter port on the bottom, allowing the highs to ring loud and true while letting the slaps come through. The 11-inch drum comes with a 6-inch diameter port on the bottom, allowing for mid-tones and just the right amount of bass.

Both single and double stands are made from heavy-duty steel and feature an adjustable arm that holds either size of the Commuter Conga in tight. Musicians can even add a third Commuter Conga to get a true Quinto, Conga Tumba setup.

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