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Product Showcase — November 2022

ASI Tom MorrisASI
3DME Music Enhancement IEM System
Hearing protection has always been paramount for drummer Tom Morris, who has been with Little Caesar since its inception in 1987. He recalls the wake-up call he had regarding protecting his hearing and what he did about it: “I have always played with earplugs. Back before drummers were using plugs, I went to an ear doctor and had my hearing checked in my twenties, and he scared me so much about what could happen, that at that point, because I was still really young without damage, I started wearing earplugs. I used the little foamy plugs that they sell at pharmacies. I didn’t mind that there was a sound compromise, I just wanted the maximum amount of protection. And I got used to hearing music like that,” stated Morris. “Now, with the 3DME, it’s completely independent. I have my own control. It’s super-easy to set up. Very user-friendly.”

Morris continues, “I admit that since I was so used to hearing everything muffled (from using the ear plugs for many years), the ambience setting just doesn’t feel right for me. So, I have that completely dialed out. I have it set super flat, a dry mix, to where I’m able to hear everything: guitars, left and right, bass, and particularly vocals, because I cue off the vocals a lot. The real beauty of the unit is it allows you the freedom and flexibility to change all your settings. You can have multiple settings, in fact, you could have different settings for different songs. The 3DME is very user-friendly!” 

The 3DME Music Enhancement IEM System Gen2 consists of Active Ambient earphones with embedded binaural MEMS ambient microphones, a bodypack mixer/controller/DSP processor/headphone amplifier, and the Bluetooth-enabled ASI Audio App for control. The free ASI Audio App allows untethered adjustment of the system’s 7-band stereo EQ and limiter threshold. The App also offers an Audio Seal Test to confirm perfect IEM fit and allows the saving and recall of User Presets to ensure repeat access to preferred sound signatures. In operation, after locking in the preferred EQ and limiter settings, up/down switches on the bodypack make it easy to add the perfect amount of ambience to the monitor mix, so performers can hear exactly what they want, no matter the style of music or type of venue. When used without a monitor mix, 3DME functions as variable-level, high fidelity earplugs. The universal-fit earphones supplied with 3DME can be converted to custom fit with silicone sleeves from Sensaphonics or upgraded to Custom Pro earpieces.  

LP Limited Edition Black Box Exotic CajonLATIN PERCUSSION
Limited Edition Black Box Exotic Cajons
Latin Percussion (LP) has released two limited-edition Black Box cajons. Based on LP’s award winning, best-selling cajon, the two new Black Box cajons have clear distinct snare and bass tones, making them fun and easy to play. Made from environmentally responsible MDF and incorporating two sets of premium snare wires, they are completed with either a stunning Exotic Figured Cerise soundboard or Ebony Craftwood soundboard. The range of sounds achieved with the different tone zones and premium snare wires will provide inspiration for players of all levels. Watch the launch videos at and

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LP Discovery BongosDiscovery Bongos
Latin Percussion (LP) has launched the new, lightweight Discovery Bongos made with LP’s Exclusive HD Shell Construction, reinforced bearing edges, and black powder-coated hardware.

The new affordable bongos are constructed using a high-density polymer shell, natural rawhide heads, comfortable EZ Curve rims, 9/32-inch diameter lugs, traditional Cuban-style bottoms, and black hardware. The 6 1/4-inch and 7 1/4-inch drums are fun and easy to play, simple to tune, and they produce a bright dynamic sound suitable for all genres of music.

The Discovery Bongos are available in an assortment of seven colors: Black Onyx, Race Car Blue, Rose, Sonic Blue, Sea Foam, Slate Grey, and Snow White. For a limited time, the new bongos are available with a free carrying bag. Watch the video on the new bongos at

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SPD-SX PRO Sampling Pad Unveiled
Roland announced the SPD-SX PRO Sampling Pad, the new flagship model in the long-running SPD series. Born of user feedback fueled by extensive road testing of the touring-standard SPD-SX, this high-performance instrument features a full array of professional enhancements. Offering customizable trigger LEDs, increased audio outputs and trigger inputs, massive onboard memory, and much more, the SPD-SX PRO sets a new standard for stage drummers and all types of creative performers.

The SPD-SX PRO features nine durable pads with Roland’s latest sensing technology, including three shoulder pads with revised sensor structures for increased sensitivity when the instrument is mounted at a shallow angle. In addition, improved crosstalk protection throughout prevents accidental triggering of other pads.

Pad-dividing trigger LEDs increase visibility on stage and help players organize kit setups. Custom colors can be assigned to any of the horizontal or vertical LEDs. Going further, colors can be renamed and combined with tags to group kicks, snares, backing tracks, and other sounds for easy identification. The horizontal LEDs can also be set to light in various ways to suit the performance application.

The SPD-SX PRO’s interface includes a large 4.3-inch color LCD and hands-on controls with backlighting for easy operation on stage. The LCD provides access to deep parameters and shows essential info such as A/B layers, WAV sample names, sample playback progress, and more.

With 32 GB of internal memory, the SPD-SX PRO holds nearly 44 hours of crystal-clear 48 kHz/16-bit stereo audio — more than enough for multiple gigs. Users can load 48/44.1 kHz WAV, AIFF, and MP3 files with varying bit rates, and the SPD-SX PRO will automatically convert them to its native audio format, greatly simplifying the process of importing sounds.

The SPD-SX PRO comes with over 1,550 high-quality sounds and 200 user kits with 43 pre-loaded presets. It’s also possible to connect a line-level device and sample directly to pads. Kits can be switched with complete sound carryover thanks to speedy processing power. And for more creative options, Roland Cloud membership provides an ever-expanding selection of sample libraries and sounds to explore.

Users can create A/B layers and quickly adjust volume, pitch, and transient parameters via dedicated panel controls. Sounds can also be adjusted at deeper levels with waveform editing and other tools. Multiple high-quality effects engines are available to color individual sounds and enhance the overall output.

The SPD-SX PRO flows easily into any stage setup with balanced stereo master outputs, four assignable mono outputs, and an assignable headphones output. Four dual-trigger inputs support up to eight external Roland pads, and up to two footswitches can also be connected to trigger sounds. Additionally, a special control input supports a Roland hi-hat controller or an expression pedal for real-time effects control.

The SPD-SX PRO App from Roland Cloud makes it easy to import, edit, and organize sounds on a Mac or Windows computer via USB. The USB connection also supports DAW music production with the ability to transfer MIDI data and up to eight channels of high-quality digital audio.  

Roland TD27KVV DrumsUpdated Sound Modules and Upgraded Kits
Roland announced multiple upgrades to the company’s award-winning V-Drums product lineup. New TD-17, TD-27, and V-Drums Acoustic Design models have been released with significant hardware upgrades to previous-generation kits. In addition, the sound modules included with the kits have been updated with a variety of new features.

The Version 2.0 update for the TD-17 module features 10 all-new preset kits and 10 kits previously exclusive to the module in the VAD306 V-Drums Acoustic Design set. The added kits employ 26 pre-loaded samples that can also be used to create custom kits. Reverb and Kit Comp effects have been added along with 11 more MFX types for shaping drum tones. The module also includes support for content on Roland Cloud, where users can explore an ever-growing range of artist kits and more.

The TD-27 module gets even better with 10 additional preset kits and newly enhanced versions of the three most popular kits from the original release. New pre-loaded samples are also included. Layering features have been expanded, while parallel compression options and transient shaping enhancements provide even greater sound control. The module interface has also been improved for faster sound selection and drum customization.

New kits based around these modules will ship with the Version 2.0 updates. Later in 2022, owners of existing TD-17 and TD-27 modules will be able to download the Version 2.0 updates on Roland Cloud with a free Roland Account.

Along with the updated TD-17 module, the new TD-17KVX2 and TD-17KV2 kits add thin V-Cymbal pads that offer more natural movement and improved stick feel. The TD-17KVX2 features two 12-inch CY-12C-T crash cymbals, while the TD-17KV2 comes with one CY-12C-T. Both kits come with a 14-inch CY-14R-T ride cymbal with three-way triggering for edge, bow, and bell sounds.

Equipped with advanced digital trigger pad technology and other top V-Drums features, the TD-27KV2 brings serious drummers premium playability and flagship-level expression at an affordable price. The updated TD-27 module includes many next-generation technologies derived from the top-of-the-line TD-50X. And with the TD-27KV2’s spacious layout and large, comfortable pads, players can use all their standard acoustic drum techniques without compromise.

Expanding on the digital snare and digital ride pads included with the previous TD-27KV model, the TD-27KV2 adds a VH-14D digital hi-hat. The 14-inch top/bottom cymbal design mounts on a standard acoustic hi-hat stand for an authentic look and feel. Playing dynamics, stick techniques, and foot articulations are all captured with perfect detail, thanks to the high-resolution detection system and lightning-fast module processing. The TD-27KV2 also includes 12-inch CY-12C-T and 14-inch CY-14C-T crash cymbals with thin profiles to further enhance the acoustic playing experience.

V-Drums Acoustic Design series fuses the authentic look and feel of acoustic drums with Roland’s leading electronic drum technologies. With real wood shells and custom chrome hardware, every V-Drums Acoustic Design kit projects the premium look of high-end acoustic drums, providing a familiar presence that’s the centerpiece of any stage. The VAD507 and VAD504 kits are the new midline models in the V-Drums Acoustic Design range. Building on the previous VAD506 and VAD503 models, these kits feature the updated TD-27 sound module and a 14-inch VH-14D digital hi-hat to complement the previously included digital snare and digital ride pads. In addition, both kits have been upgraded with heavy-duty tom and cymbal stands inherited from the flagship VAD706.

The new VAD307 kit offers the same club-sized configuration and cutdown shells as the previous VAD306 model. It features the updated TD-17 module plus thin V-Cymbal pads that include two 12-inch CY-12C-T crash cymbals and one 14-inch CY-14R-T ride. The kit has also been upgraded with the same heavy-duty tom/cymbal combination stands included with the VAD706.

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Roland Project D-FluxProject D-Flux Drum Kit  
Roland Corporation announced the launch of their 50th anniversary concept model project D-Flux electronic drums. To further commemorate 50 years of innovation in the musical instruments and electronics space, Roland has also launched corresponding Roland Articles highlighting the history of their electronic drums, pianos, and synthesizers. 

Dark, Dry DX Series Expands Special Edition Line
The TRX Cymbal Co. announced the introduction of its new Special Edition DX Series. The line expands the company’s high-quality, high-performance, handcrafted Special Edition line by adding a darker, drier tonal option to the existing KX (mid) and AX (bright) range.

Available in a full selection of affordably priced rides, hi-hats, crashes, and effects, TRX Special Edition DX cymbals are currently played by 2008 Guitar Center Drum-Off Champion Jerome Flood, Jr. (Floodgeight), 2014 Hit Like a Girl winner Fer Fuentes (NIKI), and a growing number of today’s leading drummers.

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