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Product Showcase — September 2022

Cympad Pink WashersCYMPAD
Pink Foam Cymbal Washers
Cympad has expanded its Chromatics line of colorful, cellular foam cymbal washers with a new pink color option. With this latest addition, Chromatics are now available in a choice of pink, white, orange, yellow, green, purple, red, crimson, blue, and camouflage, providing an easy and affordable way for drummers to enhance the look and sound of their kits.

Cympad Chromatics cymbal washers are now available in convenient five-packs and used by today’s top drummers, including Hayley Brownell, Emily Moon, Stephen Perkins, Queen Drums, Elise Trouw, and many more.

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Malletech eMotion MarchingMALLETECH
eMotion Marching Sticks
eMotion Marching Sticks are designed to feel great in the hands of any player. Using only first-quality American Hickory, each pair is sorted and matched to the highest tolerances in the industry, resulting in unparalleled consistency and durability. Snare sticks are offered in a variety of profiles and undergo a 21-day progressive kiln-drying process to ensure each stick remains perfectly straight. Tenor sticks feature a medium taper hickory shaft to hit the sweet spot between durability and response. Bass Mallets use high-impact felt that is glued and screwed onto the shaft, locking the head into place.

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Malletech eMotion MarimbaeMotion Keyboard Mallets
eMotion Keyboard Mallets are offered for marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, bells, and timpani. The design includes uniform weight throughout the series, meaning no adjustment is needed when switching from extra soft to extra hard, and making graduated or mixed sets feel perfectly natural.

The true multi-toned response in Malletech mallets produces a concert-rich sound that responds to your touch and can easily overdrive when you need it most. Double color-coding allows you to quickly identify your mallets whether storing head or shaft first.

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Scholastic Packs
Malletech is elevating the student experience with affordably priced Scholastic Packs that provide students with the exact same tools used by the pros. Each pack includes an assortment of world-class implements protected in a high-quality bag. The SP2 Essentials Pack is perfect for students beginning their journey in music. The SP3 Deluxe Pack includes all the tools needed to tackle more challenging music. These are not disposable “entry-level” products, but the start of a lifetime collection.

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Dave Black Student Signature Snare Drum Pack
Tamburo Drums unites with Alfred Music and Vic Firth to create the Dave Black Student Signature Snare Drum Pack, a collection of musical products and accessories in an all-in-one convenient bundle. This drum pack represents the first product collaboration between the master luthiers at Tamburo Drums and Dave Black, a renowned drummer, educator, and best-selling author.

The Dave Black Student Signature Snare Drum Pack combines a world-class snare drum and drum accessories, along with the industry’s best-selling drum education book, all at a budget-friendly price. Included in the pack is a Tamburo custom T5 snare drum, specially crafted with innovative materials to be lightweight, durable, and offer professional sound quality (beautifully designed in elegant black sparkle or silver sparkle finishes), a pair of custom Dave Black Signature Vic Firth Nova 5B drumsticks, Alfred’s Drum Method, Book 1, a high-quality Tamburo snare stand, and padded, branded water-resistant backpack carrying case, which holds the snare, snare stand, and books and sheet music. The pack is distributed exclusively by Proel North America. 

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Toca Sympatico SystemTOCA
New Sympatico System
Toca Percussion is pleased to announce an evolution to its line of Nesting Drums. The new Sympatico System of tunable, interchangeable drums and heads will change how lightweight drums are perceived. By design, lightweight drums must be portable, durable and, easy to carry and transport. Unfortunately, the most common way to achieve this desired outcome is to eliminate bulky and heavy tuning mechanisms. In their place is a pre-tuned head. 

The Sympatico System solves the issue with its innovative and proprietary internal tuning design. It’s significantly lighter than traditional tuning systems, easy to use, and there’s no extra bulky, heavy, hardware attached to the side of the drum to get in your way. It’s hidden inside! And the heads are designed to simply integrate with Toca’s existing line of Freestyle II Nesting Drums including Djembes, Tom-Toms, Djun-Djuns, and Ashikos. If you already have one of these instruments, pop on a new Sympatico tunable head and bring your playing and your sound to a whole new level.

Toca is also introducing two new Freestyle II Nesting Drum series that will come standard with the Sympatico tunable head: a set of Gathering Drums and our exclusive Tubadoras, which sound like traditional congas. The sound, by virtue of the ability to tune, uniquely your own, at much less than half the weight of traditional hand percussion drums.

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