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Product Showcase — September 2023

D’Addario is thrilled to announce the release of the new Rudy Garcia signature marching stick

As a new addition to the System Blue line of marching products, ProMark’s Rudy Garcia Signature Stick has broad appeal to marching percussionists who know the name or simply appreciate the excellence imbued into Rudy’s signature stick.

The Rudy Garcia Signature stick was made to feel great in anyone’s hands and suit the needs of every player in the marching arts. Champion marching instructor Rudy Garcia designed his stick with an inverted triangle tip shape to allow smooth hand motion during tenor “sweeps,” as well as consistent sound across each drum. Coupled with the strong rebound profile, this hickory stick allows for elevated sound quality on snare and controlled movement on quads.

“First and foremost, I wanted to create a stick that would feel great and fit the needs of all skill levels in the marching arts, says Garcia. After a few trials, we landed on a length of 16.9″ with a .685’’ Diameter. This allowed for an impressive amount of control and comfort while playing. Coupled with the inverted triangle tip, this stick achieves amazing rebound and sound quality on both the Tenor and Snare drums.”

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Latin Percussion expands the Mona Tavakoli Signature MT Box Cajon range

Latin Percussion (LP) is delighted to launch the LP® Mona Tavakoli Signature Lil’ MT Box Cajon (LP1443L) and announce an upgrade to the LP® Mona Tavakoli Signature MT Box Cajon (LP14431), first launched in 2018.

The improved LP® Mona Tavakoli Signature MT Box Cajon (LP14431) is now made from hand-crafted nine-ply Birch wood with a four-string factory tuned front and Peruvian-style back birch sound boards to give a more aesthetically appealing look and enhanced tone. The sizing remains the same at 18” x 11 ¾“ x 12”, and features LP’s Rapid Response Curve sound boards that enhance the separation of the bass and slap tones and Mona’s proprietary graduated three sound hole design.

The new LP® Mona Tavakoli Signature Lil’ MT Box Cajon (LP1443L) is based on the larger LP14431 and is a key element of Mona’s continuous passion to get more people playing drums and percussion! Its reduced dimensions of 11 ½ ” x 7 5/8” x 10” make it ideal for the smaller player. It is crafted from environmentally friendly eco-board with a Birch soundboard and fitted with a snare wire. Each of the non-playing surfaces of the cajon are brightly painted in red, blue, green, and yellow, which make it stand out in a crowd. Both models are decorated with Mona Tavakoli’s MT logo.

Drummer, percussionist, singer, and performer Mona Tavakoli is best known for recording and touring with Jason Mraz for over a decade. She co-founded the Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls in Los Angeles and is also a founding member of the all-female rock band, Raining Jane.

Latin Percussion Launches New Range of Frame Drums
Latin Percussion (LP) continue to develop their collection of world percussion instruments with introduction of a new range of Frame Drums to include the Tar and Bendir.

Based on some of the most ancient musical instruments the new Tar and Bendir frame drums have been designed and crafted to honor the traditional instruments of North Africa and the Middle East. They are played in a vertical stance on the lap using mainly one hand for accented beats and the other to hold the position and add finger rolls.

Percussionist Randy Gloss, winner of Drum! magazine readers poll Award for Best Percussion Ensemble, has assisted LP in the design of the new Frame Drums. He and his percussion group can be seen playing them here

LP’s Tar frame drum is available in two depths, 2-½” and 4”, while the Bendir frame drum is available in 4” depth only. The 2-½” Tar is constructed using an 11-ply Poplar shell while the 4” Tar and Bendir are built from a 6-ply Poplar shell with a 12-ply tuning ring. The Bendir version has adjustable strings attached to the frame to act as a snare and create a buzzing sound when the drum is struck.

All the frame drums are tunable, offered in diameters of 14”, 16”, 18”, and 20” and finished in Black Fade. Each features comfy, rounded thumb slots with through-shell tuning systems for easy playing and long-term durability. The synthetic head provides long-lasting pitch and an Easy-Clip enables a tuning key to be safely stored on the drum without interrupting playing. Each drum includes a tuning key and carry bag.

LP KalimbasLatin Percussion Launches New Kalimbas Expanding Its Ethnic Percussion Range
Latin Percussion (LP) is adding to its growing range of ethnic percussion instruments with Kalimbas in two sizes. LP already offers a range of African inspired percussion instruments such as Djembes, Bata, Shekere, and new Kalimbas extend the choice further. Watch the launch video at

LP Kalimbas are based on the Mbira, an instrument played in Africa for thousands of years at religious ceremonies, weddings, and other social gatherings. Handheld and played with the thumbs, this cultural instrument was added to the UNESCO Representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2020 which classified it as “The art of crafting and playing Mbira/Sansi, the finger-plucking traditional musical instrument in Malawi and Zimbabwe”.

The 9-key LP Kalimbas are available in Solid Natural Ash (LP0209) or Deep Cherry finished (LP0219DC) versions. Both have nine Chrome-plated metal tines laid out in a C pentatonic scale that produce clear and pure notes, which when blended together, create beautifully layered tones. The alternative Deep Cherry finished version features a chambered Siam Oak body for added resonance.

The 17-Key Kalimba, finished in Deep Cherry (LP0217DC), features a chambered Siam Oak body that fits comfortably in your hands and has a built-in vibrato side ports to add a sonic “wah” element to the sound.

Latin Percussion Launches New Range of Rhythm Rods
Latin Percussion (LP) is proud to launch its new range of synthetic and natural Rhythm Rods. The new rods, hybrids of regular sticks and brushes, offer drummers and percussionists greater versatility and a wider sonic range when playing.Watch the launch video here.

The new synthetic rods are made by binding many thin, high-grade polymer shafts together. All feature a comfortable, non-slip rubber grip, an adjustable sleeve, and O-Rings so users can fine-tune their sonic palette by controlling the spread of the rods.

The LP9911 Lightweight Rhythm Rods (7/8” diameter) and LP9912 Heavyweight Rhythm Rods (1-1/8” diameter) feature an exclusive reinforced core to give them superior balance, stability, and playability. The LP9913 -Synthetic Lightweight Adjustable Core Rhythm Rods (7/8” diameter) and the LP9914 Synthetic Heavyweight Adjustable Core Rhythm Rods (1-1/8” diameter) have a solid core with a retractable tip. This provides stability while allowing the user to set the perfect amount of articulation.

The LP9917 Natural Rhythm Rods (1-1/4” diameter) are 13” long and are made from thin strips of organic material bound together. This natural material delivers enhanced dynamic control and rebound for drummers allowing users to customize their tone.

The new range of LP Rhythm Rods offer drummers and percussionists a balance between sticks and brushes. They provide a wide range of creative textures: Wide, open rods provide a softer attack closer to the brush end of the sound spectrum making their warm sound ideal for small room acoustic performances. When the O ring is adjusted to make the spread tighter, the articulation increases and rods begin to behave more like sticks. The denser strike of the tighter spread gives a fat, rich sound when recording.

Latin Percussion Launches Seven New Cajons & Deluxe Cajon Cushion
Latin Percussion (LP) grows its expanding range of cajons with seven new options: The LP® Roundback Sub-Bass Cajon with a Birch or Mahogany Soundboard, the LP® Woodshop Cajon with a Black Stripe, Red Blur or Rare Ebony Artply Soundboards and two new LP® City Cajons with options of a 2-Voice Oak or Walnut Craftwood Soundboard. Also new is the LP® Deluxe Cajon Cushion.

The LP® Roundback Sub-Bass Cajons have a plywood body measuring 19” x 14 ¼ ” x 14”. They have a chambered construction with a front-facing port for enhanced projection and a rounded body for extra bass tone. Both options feature two sets of premium snare wires and soundboards with rounded corners for added comfort when playing. The Birch soundboard (LP1461) has brighter attack which blends perfectly with the deeper bass tones, and the Mahogany soundboard (LP1461M) offers deeper and richer bass sound. Watch the launch video on the Roundback Sub-Bass Cajons at

All three models of the LP® Woodshop Cajon are made in small batches in LP’s European work shop. Measuring 19” x 11 ½” x 11 ¾”, these cajons feature two adjustable sets of strings for customised tone. The Birch body on all three models delivers an extensive dynamic sound range, and the Black Stripe(LP1491BS), Red Blur (LP1491RB) and Rare Ebony (LP1491RE) Artply soundboards offer eye-catching looks and crisp definition. Watch the launch video on the Woodshop Cajon’s at

Both LP® City Cajons have bodies crafted from eco-friendly MDF and measure 19” x 11” x 10”. The 2-Voice option has a snare side and a Peruvian-style side that offers enhanced sonic possibilities with Oak soundboards for volume and heft. The Walnut Craftwood soundboard (LP1428NYSW) offers a warmer, softer sound. Both cajons are price conscious and aesthetically pleasing.  They are fun and easy to play, and provide clear distinction between snare and bass tones. Watch the launch video on the City Cajons at

For those long cajon sessions LP has created the LP® Deluxe Cajon Cushion (LP1451). Made from an extra-thick, propriety blend of neoprene with a Comfort Cut front section, this deluxe cajon cushion gives players enhanced comfort. Fitting most standard size cajons, it offers players long-lasting support and freedom of movement.

Latin Percussion Introduces Single Bass Timbales
Latin Percussion (LP) introduces single Brass Timbales, extending the range of percussion instruments drummers can use to ‘LP Your Kit’. Watch the launch video on the 13” timbale here and the 14” timbale here.

The inspiring ‘LP Your Kit’ array of drum set friendly percussion instruments offers drummers and percussionists the ability to add a wide range of sounds, effects, and tonal textures to their playing. All the instruments are kit ready and easily mountable.

The new 6-½” Brass Timbales, fitted with chrome hardware, come in two sizes, 13” (LP6513-B) and 14” (LP6514-B) and a heavy-duty mount bracket. These new singles offer the same features as LP’s Prestige Timbales including compact sizing and a high-quality, patented top tuning system for rapid adjustments. The drums are crafted with a hefty rim and wide rib placement build to enhance rim shots and cascara. The substantial mount bracket allows the Brass Timbales to be fitted to any 3/8” – 1/2”mounting arm.

These new stylish add-on drums will bring an authentic timbale sound to any rig that is a warm, bright tone with a dry cascara.

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Pearl expands Decade Maple drums with two new Satin Lacquer Finishes
The emerging power drummer, gigging player, or up-and-comer can expect a fresh new selection of visuals for Pearl’s Decade Maple Series drums. Two new satin lacquer finish options are being introduced with the arrival of Blue Mirage (#208) and Rose Mirage (#849) for 2023. 

Decade’s cross-laminated 6-ply all Maple shell incorporates Pearl’s proprietary Superior Shell Technology, resulting in a 5mm shell that projects with authority and presents with prestige. 

Decade Maple Series now delivers a total of eight cultured lacquer finishes options for the player to choose from. This, along with low-mass/low-contact shell hardware, optimum shell performance, and the rock-solid promise of Pearl’s Lifetime Warranty make it an essential value for early-pro and gigging players. 

Pearl Adds Ash With Makha DadoLoc Shell to The StaveCraft Snare Drum Collection 
Producing sharp sonic focus and full-bodied volume for the heavy player, StaveCraft snares are a startling addition to any pro player’s drumming soundscape. Now, these 25mm thick solid snare shells are available with the option of premium beveled Ash models to add increased biting CRACK! to your sound. 

“Ash has always been a favorite shell wood for me,” admits Pearl Corporation Combo Marketing Manager Kevin Packard. “It’s a harder wood with a brighter voice and a more visually pronounced grain. In addition, the care and attention to detail that goes into the forming of each of these shells grabs you every time you look at them, so the combination of sound, feel, and look really inspires an awesome playing experience!” 

Like pieces in an intricate puzzle, each two-layer stave shell receives an added stave of alternating Makha wood in the center Dado channel, increasing total shell strength by 50%. The shell is then lathed to a perfectly round 25mm thickness, hand lacquered, and fitted with our Swivel Tube Lugs and MasterCast die-cast counter hoops for added volume and tuning precision. 

StaveCraft snare drums are also available in Makha with Thai Oak DadoLoc or Thai Oak with Makha DadoLoc shell options in two sizes for the perfect fusion of classic artistry and new-school performance. 

Pearl’s Roadshow Series Adds Some Spice with Burnt Orange Sparkle Covered Finish
Pearl’s Roadshow Series is an all-in-one drum set solution for the student drummer. With four different drum set options for every size and style of drummer, Roadshow features everything the new (or revisiting) player needs to begin their rhythmic journey. 

New for 2023, Burnt Orange Sparkle (#749) finish is added for a visually vibrant set-up in all available Roadshow Drum Set Packages. 

Pearl takes the hybrid drum concept to new, unprecedented heights with Reference One
By leveraging specific woods, shell thicknesses, and bearing edges exactly where they are most sonically beneficial within a drum set, Pearl originated the modern hybrid drum concept in 2005 with the introduction of Reference Series (Reference Pure, a thinner-shelled sibling, was introduced in 2011.) Building upon this legacy and adding revolutionary mounting and shell hardware enhancements, Pearl takes the hybrid drum concept to unprecedented heights with Reference One. 

Reference One’s custom-curated shell and hardware blend represents the best of both Reference and Reference Pure in a singular kit. With North American Maple, Birch, and African Mahogany from our Masterworks veneer vault, each drum in the complete kit hosts its own ply, edge, and thickness combination to best suit its sonic place. 

“I have a Reference Pure kit I use in my home studio, and I love their tone for sessions,” says Ray Luzier, Pearl Artist and drummer for Korn. “I use the Reference Series in my touring rig. Reference One is like a perfect combination of the two.” 

“When I’m playing them, I can hear the tonality difference going from the smaller toms all the way to the big toms,” states Grammy-Winning Engineer/Producer Nick Raskulinecz. “The smaller toms have a brighter and spittier sound, and then as you get around across the lower toms, the bottom note is really nice and warm.” 

The combination of thinner EvenPly hybrid shells, Mastercast Die-Cast hoops, and Pearl’s self-aligning STL Single Swivel Lugs deliver enhanced tone, increased near-field sustain, and adds a broader tuning range. Included with Reference One, Pearl’s new R2 Air Tom Suspension System provides perfectly balanced, weightless tom suspension for high-yield tonal clarity. Finally, a dazzling array of Premium and Custom finishes is available to bring inspiration and define your drumming identity. 

Pearl Redefines Drum Mounting Physics With The R2 Air Tom Suspension System
The tonal physics of drum mounting is about to meet its match. Pearl presents the R2 Air, a revolutionary new tom suspension system that delivers totally unrestricted sound in mounted drums. 

R2 Air’s exclusive floating isolation platform is built on the understanding that every drum’s optimal suspension area is in the CENTER of its shell. By balancing the tom’s total mounting weight across two corresponding points at the top and bottom of the drum, R2 Air gives true tonal separation from mounting hardware and enhances sustain and resonance. 

“The way the toms rang from the very setup was ridiculous,” admits Grammy-Winning Engineer/Producer Dan Rudin. “There are really subtle tendencies for drums to get muffled as you change the geometry of the setup, and I didn’t notice any of that with the R2 Air.” 

A studio sound test with Rudin at the board and legendary Pearl Artist Dennis Chambers revealed a host of surprises. “When I played the kit (with R2 Air mounted on the toms), my mind was blown,” says Chambers. “I noticed that I have more freedom to move the drum any kind of way, in the position I want, and it’s very, very easy to tune!'” 

Sustain and tone can even be fine-tuned by adding the included rubber Damper Discs in one of four tension points. 

Available with a 12mm vertical bracket or Pearl’s traditional 7/8″ tube receiver, R2 Air is available for 8″ to 16″ toms, improves the overall tone of the entire drum set, and delivers optimal tone at any angle with a single point of adjustment. 

Pearl draws inspiration from classic MLX to introduce Professional Maple Series Drums
Debuting in 1985 under the Professional Series title, Pearl’s original MLX drums featured high-end elements uncommon for instruments of the era. Their all-Maple shell construction boasted a host of high-gloss lacquer finishes that quickly found a home with gigging and touring drummers alike. 

Drawing from this classic combination, Pearl’s newly updated Professional Series drums return with the spirit of the original and a refreshed presence for the experienced player. Featuring thin, EvenPly Six North American Maple shells, their lively sonic warmth projects with broad tonal frequency in performance. 

“Professional Series drums have the essentials that MLX had, but with a more current feel,” says Pearl Vice President of Sales and Marketing Glen Caruba. “Our team at Pearl is made up of active gigging drummers, and we put these kits through the paces to assure total satisfaction from everyone who plays one.” 

Our classic RL Lug, OptiMount Tom Suspension System, 2.3mm Superhoop II Triple-Flanged hoops, and Remo UT Pinstripe heads are added for strength and stability. A choice of three pre-configured shell packs in five classic Pearl transparent Gloss Lacquer finishes (and one Premium Wrap) assure a solid look and feel for varied venues and playing styles. 

Finally, to save your stand footprint and cartage load, Pearl’s original GryoLock independent bass drum-mounted tom holders deliver maximum adjustability and positioning without robbing the shells of tone or sustain. 

Pearl’s Midtown Series Refreshed As All-In-One Drum Set With Giggable Hardware
At home on the street and stage, Pearl’s ultra-portable Midtown Kit has become a vital tool for the gigging drummer on the move. For 2023, Pearl offers Midtown as a complete drum set with sturdy, lightweight hardware to give the metropolitan player a total solution for the downtown sound. 

This reduced footprint 4-piece kit comes standard in a choice of three wrapped finishes with the single-braced hi-hat, cymbal boom, and snare drum stands, as well as a locking bass drum-mounted cymbal holder, kick drum lift, and pedal at an exceptional price. 

“We really wanted to make sure the shells and the hardware on this kit could stand up to the impact of an actual gig, so we really put this kit through its paces,” says Pearl Corporation Director of R&D Raymond Massey (himself a working drummer in Nashville, TN.) “We really feel like this is a set-up you’ll want to travel with, because breakdown, set-up, and cartage is a breeze! 

Pearl Turns Up The Volume For The Touring Drummer With Masters Maple Series
Since 1993, Pearl’s Masters Series has set a standard for the very best in performance-centered instruments for the pro drummer. In celebration of three decades of Masters quality and excellence, Pearl reimagines the original history-making 7.5mm Masters Maple shell with a host of massive upgrades. 

Blending six layers of hand-curated North American Maple from our Masterworks Veneer Vault, Pearl’s Superior Shell Technology process cures this premium ply selection for increased projection, improved sustain, and better sonic output than ever before. A precise 45-degree Bearing Edge completes the recipe to deliver power in the touring and stage environment. 

“They’re really loud and very aggressive sounding drums,” says Nashville Session legend Shannon Forrest. “You could feel them through the walls in the room; you could feel the difference in volume coming off the kit!” 

Professional Pearl standards like Mastercast Die-Cast Hoops, CL Bridge Lugs, and revamped bass drum spurs and floor tom brackets assure optimum performance. At the same time, the ground-breaking R2 Air Tom Suspension system’s four-point mounting platform delivers optimum tone and resonance at any angle. 

With a dizzying array of Premium and Custom finishes from which to choose, each Masters Maple Series drum set reaches new levels of volume, fit for the world’s most prominent stages. 

Pearl Reimagines A Premium Maple Favorite With Masters Maple Pure
Since 1993, Pearl’s Masters Series has set a standard for the very best in performance-centered instruments for the pro drummer. In celebration of three decades of Masters quality and excellence, Pearl reimagines the original 5mm MMX shell with Masters Maple Pure. 

Blending four layers of hand-curated North American Maple with 4-ply Reinforcement-Rings from our Masterworks Veneer Vault, this premium Masters shell formula delivers a sonic fusion that is equally at home on stage as it is in the studio. A precise 45-degree Bearing Edge completes the recipe for near-field resonance and sharp top-end attack fit for varied pro environments. 

“When you hit these drums, you get that initial tonality that shapes what you’d normally associate with the original Masters sound,” says Nashville Session legend Shannon Forrest. “But now there’s all this back-end sustain on the drums. Sustain that you could never get out of drums from that era.” 

Professional Pearl standards like Mastercast Die-Cast Hoops, CL Bridge Lugs, and revamped bass drum spurs and floor tom brackets assure optimum performance. At the same time, the ground-breaking R2 Air Tom Suspension system’s four-point mounting platform delivers optimum tone and resonance at any angle. 

With a dizzying array of Premium and Custom finishes from which to choose, each Masters Maple Pure Series drum set reaches new levels of sonic purity, fit for the most discerning professional player. 

Pearl’s Masters Maple Gum Series drums are tonally primed for the Modern Studio 
When it comes to drumming in the modern Recording environment, the Maple/Gum shell combination has a sublime history. Pearl first incorporated this legendary blend on Masterworks drums with the Sonic Select Studio shell recipe. Now, in celebration of 30 years of professional excellence under the Masters Series banner, Pearl includes the Maple Gum option as one of three shell recipes in a reimagined spectrum of Masters drums. 

New Masters Maple Gum Series is composed of an EvenPly-Six layer combination of vault-cured premium North American Maple (4-ply exterior,) and hand-selected USA Gumwood (2-ply interior,) for increased shell integrity, smoother resonance, and maximized, punchy projection. 

A shallow 60-degree Bearing Edge completes the recipe to deliver dynamic sonic warmth and explosive low-end response. 

“The signature of Maple Gum is what I call ‘The Envelope’ of the note that it makes,” says Nashville Session legend Shannon Forrest. “It’s the shape of how the volume comes off the drum. The shape of that note makes the drums stand off the other instruments in recording, and its unique to Masters Maple Gum.” 

Professional Pearl standards like Mastercast Die-Cast Hoops, CL Bridge Lugs, and revamped bass drum spurs and floor tom brackets assure optimum performance, while the ground-breaking R2 Air Tom Suspension system’s four-point mounting platform delivers optimum tone and resonance at any angle. 

With a dazzling array of Premium and Custom finishes from which to choose, each Masters Maple Gum Series drum set reaches new levels of volume, fit for any studio or stage. 

Pearl Creates the World’s Most Adjustable Tom Mounting Arm with GyroLock-L
Pearl’s new GyroLock-L tom holder is the first omnidirectional, gearless drum mounting and positioning system made for ultimate adjustability and security. Its solid universal 12mm L-arm offers secure placement from a singular drum key lock at four independent orientation points (Up/Down, Left/Right, Side/Side, Forward/Aft.) 

Backed up with a movable memory clamp for flawless angle security, GyroLock-L’s outer Compass Dial is also fitted with setting marks for visual placing reference. Rock solid and totally flexible, the GyroLock-L assures painless tear-down and reset every time. 

“Pearl has always been focused on the drummer’s needs,” says Pearl Corporation CEO Terry West. “We’ve been synonymous with our trademark 7/8″ traditional tube tom mount for decades, and it’ll always be a Pearl standard. But we want to offer solutions that make their performing life easier for every kind of player. GyroLock-L marks a new era for Pearl and for drummers everywhere.” 

Free from cumbersome nylon balls or sleeves that get stuck or wear out over time, the GyroLock-L’s interlocking cylindrical movement is smooth and secure in any position for the long haul. 

“The GyroLock-L Arm removes any additional set-up play,” says Nashville Session legend Shannon Forrest. “Those drums stay exactly where you set them up with no play, no movement, and they’ll always go back to that same position.” 

Pearl and legendary drummer Dennis Chambers create new “10-over 8” Signature Snare
To be truly great, one must evolve over time. Drumming legend Dennis Chambers took this to heart when considering the transformation of his snare drum sound. Designed for sonic evolution, the new Pearl Dennis Chambers Signature Snare drum employs the multi-lug design of his previous Signature model, with ten STL100 single swivel tuning lugs on the batter side, and eight on the snare side for top-end tonal focus. 

The real difference comes with its SR300 Multi-Timbre Strainer that features three individually tunable 6-strand snappy wire snares. Each can be engaged or disengaged to further sculpt the sound of the drum. Pearl’s durable Mastercast Die-Cast Hoops also add weight for increased projection. 

“I got this idea from the Pearl Symphonic series snare drum,” Dennis admits. “I fell in love with the idea of having three different snare settings on one drum.” 

Features include the 4-ply Maple with 4-ply Re-Ring shell of his original Signature model, Evans G12 batter and snare heads, and a Matte Black lacquer finish for visual versatility. The Dennis Chambers Signature Snare delivers a solid, searing, and articulate sound that fits well in any playing field. 

Pearl Delivers a Direct-Drive Triple Threat with the New Demon XR Bass Drum Pedal
Pearl’s Demon Series Bass Drum Pedals have been a mainstay for high-speed performance since 2009. Now, Pearl elevates the direct-drive feel Demon pedals are prized for with a ricochet-quick twist. The Pearl Demon XR (for X-treme Response) Bass Drum Pedal is a premium quality “Triple-Threat” in bass drum pedal performance and delivers the ultimate in Speed, Rebound, and Accuracy. 

• X-Treme Speed: The result of a two-year research and development collaboration between the Pearl R&D Team and drummer George Kollias (Nile,) its machined aluminum design is streamlined to deliver precise, resistance-free playability. 

• X-Treme Rebound: Demon XR’s enhanced rebound action and interchangeable high-tension spring are essential to higher playing speed. This exclusive feature makes repeated strokes in the most extreme musical situations effortless. 

• X-Treme Accuracy: Primed for the high tempo technicality, the Pearl Demon XR is perfect for any drumming style where precision and endurance are key. 

“We wanted something really light, super smooth, and really fast, and we did it,” said George Kollias. As a result, the Demon XR Single and Double Pedals feature a sleek Longboard playing surface for improved double-stroke response, modular adjustability, and the uniquely sharp attack and low-end response of the X-Treme Impact Beater. The Demon XR Double Pedal also includes the Z-Link zero latency Universal Joint. 

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ProMark Nylon BrushesPROMARK
ProMark Drumsticks Releases Innovative New Nylon Brushes
D’Addario is proud to introduce new ProMark Nylon Brushes, the next phase in drumstick innovation.

Designed to deliver the control of a stick and the tone of a brush, ProMark Nylon Brushes have a soft-touch handle, complete with internal counterweights, which delivers the feel of a Rebound drumstick. At the other end, the premium nylon bristles are fused to ensure optimal playability and durability.

Players can find their ideal feel with two Nylon Brush options at the ProMark 5B and 2B sizing. Light Nylon Brush 5B is ideal for delicate playing and gentle attack, while the Heavy Nylon Brush 2B is the go-to for increased volume and a pronounced attack.

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SABIAN Re-Introduces 22” HH Todd Sucherman Sessions Ride
SABIAN is proud to announce the release of the 22” HH Todd Sucherman Sessions Ride cymbal

Normally Limited Editions are just that….limited!  Well, in the case of the 22” HH Sessions Ride, they’ve just “Unlimited” it!  This cymbal, which was a collaboration with Todd Sucherman, was first introduced as a Limited Edition in 2019 and literally sold out in days.  However, it didn’t stop there, as the demand for this amazing cymbal has been high since then.  Even Todd noticed that saying, “In my touring with Styx and talking with drummers from all over the world, I’m frequently asked about this cymbal and if there is any way they can get their hands on one.  Until now, I’ve had to say no.  I’m so pleased that SABIAN has made the decision to bring this cymbal back and make it part of their ongoing product offering.”  

While this is exactly the same cymbal as the one introduced in 2019, it does have a slightly different logo treatment, and is not numbered nor comes with a signed certificate. 

The 22 HH Sessions ride is fully hand hammered, lathed and polished, then a second layer of hand hammering is applied to build in more control.  The combination of articulation and spread produced by the extra hammering and coarser HH style lathing makes the 22” HH Sessions ride an amazing instrument for both the studio and stage.  Its stunning appearance is definitely a bonus.  We’re thrilled to welcome this cymbal to our 2023 product offering. 

The SABIAN 22” HH Todd Sucherman Sessions Ride is shipping now.

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