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Upcoming — March 2022

Italy Percussive Arts Society is pleased to announce two events for 2022 that will take place online and are open fully to the percussion community: the Italy Percussion Competition for Percussion soloists (19th edition) and the Percussive Arts Web Contest for Duo and Percussion Ensemble (6th edition).

The Italy Percussion Competition for marimba, vibraphone (classical and jazz), timpani, snare drum, and composition will take place from September 20 through November 20, 2022, with this format: First Round video submission due by September 20; Second Round video submission due by October 20; Final Round video submission due by November 20. The juries for the competition include: MARIMBA – Nebojsa J. Živković, Katarzyna Mycka, and Denis Petrunin; VIBRAPHONE – Victor Mendoza, Alexey Chizhick, and Pierpaolo Bisogno; SNARE DRUM – Fernando Hashimoto, Peter Vulperhorst, and Norbert Rabanser; TIMPANI – John H. Beck, Nick Woud, and Claudio Romano; COMPOSITION – John Psathas, Ruud Wiener, Todd Ukena, Claudio Santangelo, and Richard LeVan. Registrations are open, and the deadline to register is July 7, 2022.

The Percussion Arts Web Contest for duo and percussion ensemble will also be conducted through an online video submission, with advancing videos posted to the competition’s YouTube channel. The categories for this competition are: Cat. A Duo (percussion solo); Cat. B Duo (percussion and piano); Cat. C Duo (percussion and any other instrument or voice); Cat. D Small Percussion Ensemble (3–6 percussionists); Cat. E Percussion Ensemble (5 or more percussionists). Participants in category A–D must be 16 years or older; participants in category E must be 10–18 years in age. The jury for this competition include: Gordon Stout, W. Lee Vinson, Naoko Takada, Nino Masayuki, She-e Wu, Pei-Ching Wu, Jeanni Zhang, Jingjing Li, Ji Hye Jung, Sam Um, Dennis Kuhn, Nils Rohwer, Frederic Macarez, Walter Mertens, Luigi Morleo, Francesca Santangelo, Maria Vittorio, Luigi Marinaro, and Tarcisio Molinaro. Registrations are now open, and the deadline to register is May 5, 2022.

For more information on either contest, including rules, repertoire requirements, age categories, and prizes, visit

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